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May 2019

SDP’s One Page Profile

SDP is entering an exciting new phase as we re-position ourselves for a future where we can provide lasting benefits for the people of Western Province.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A New Agenda for Western Province and PNG Sustainable Development Program

PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd has re-launched a number of development initiatives in Western Province after a four-year hiatus caused by the State’s expropriation of its shares in the Ok Tedi mine.

Following that setback, the company has sought compensation in accordance with PNG law and has worked hard to protect the Long-Term Fund and the independence of its board of directors.

Monday April 23 2018

Explanatory comments on media coverage of Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd

PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd has been drawn into a dispute between the former business partners who purchased its subsidiary, Cloudy Bay Sustainable Forestry Ltd, in 2014.

PNGSDP purchased Cloudy Bay as a run-down company in 2007. It then invested almost K300 million in a major redevelopment initiative. Cloudy Bay was re-equipped with new facilities to create some 400 jobs, and a community development program delivered roads, bridges, school classrooms, housing, a police station and dormitories and other infrastructure to a rural area desperate for development.